About Us
Mission Statement Policy and Vision


To be the online media leader focusing on investment news and information of Thailand by providing software system, along with news and information with high quality, creativity and innovation continuously.


  1. Providing investment news and information with quality and morality
  2. Develop and service software system which supporting information technology system of customers efficiently, stability as well as able to add value to customer service.
  3. Develop and service information technology software which respond to investors’ needs.
  4. Providing investment activities service which give customers knowledge, value and wealth.
  5. To be the creative leader for new innovative products and services.
  6. Manage resources of company by considering cost and expense efficiently.
  7. Focusing work with team between department efficiently by following up policy of company as operational core.
  8. Participating for profit return to Thai Society.

Slogan of Company

Service with Quality. Create innovation on customers’ needs

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