Products & Services

Our company’s services are:

  1. efinanceThai Services
    Providing software system, investment tools, along with news and information on real-time basis which enable customers to make the best decisions on their investing in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), Thailand Futures Exchange (TFEX), and Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand (AFET) through and on both internet and intranet platforms for securities companies and only internet platform for investors and general users.

  2. IR Plus Services

    1. IR-Online
      Providing IR information system with website formats which serve all processes from designing and developing to processing all contents to website, consisting of company’s profile, stock price, financial data, corporate governance policy, mail alert system, brokerage analysis and consensus, news and information system, public relation etc. IR-Online service will develop user-friendly software system for each customer to utilize easily and efficiently. Additionally, we have as the center to unveil news and events on customers’ investor relations activities broadly.
    2. IR-Offline
      Providing consulting service, operation, and coordination for customers, who are looking for the effective channel to publicize news and press releases related to investor relations for communicating their corporate images, and strengthening their creditability to their target groups successfully.
      Our IR-Offline services include:
      • Planning, managing, and coordinating investment activities involved in IPO filing.
      • Advising listed companies’ executives on how to answer and inform the press effectively.
      • Planning strategic public relation on news issues and scheduling appropriate time for press releases.
      • Organizing press conferences, analyst meetings, road shows, company visits, and opportunity days.

  3. Servicing web advertising for listed companies, which are attractive to most investors, through and, the most trusted financial websites for 25 securities houses and more than ten thousand investors (15,000 unique IP/day, according to True hits).

  4. Advertising through investment seminar activities.

  5. Programming training courses on how to use ‘efinanceThai’ website, graph analysis, and technical analysis from basic to sophisticated levels through ‘Learning Center for Using Investment Tools’.

  6. Providing network and set-up consulting services for small and medium organizations.

  7. Distributing computer equipment and network to organizations in all scales.

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