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Online Asset Co., Ltd.

In 2001, Online Asset Co., Ltd.was founded with the vision to be the most leading company on online investment news and information services. The success of Online Asset today is due to our specializations on providing real-time news and information for brokerage houses and investors through

The Thailand best financial website. Now, 23 securities companies and 5 agricultures futures brokers trustingly use our website as the platform to serve their clients. This proves our core competence in providing software system, investment tools, along with news and information on real-time basis which enable investors to make the most accurate decisions on their investing in

Stock Exchange of Thailand

Thailand Futures Exchange

Agricultural Futures Exchange of Thailand

Software and Application

We’ve had experienced and dedicated teams on capital market, having strong marketing position, and having large users base so that we have been recognized as one of the most successful private financial website of Thailand. In 2006, we, therefore, turned those strengths into investor relations services or IR services which are effective channels for listed and unlisted companies to communicate with all existing and potential investors. Our IR services have unique abilities to develop and design IR corporate websites as well as organize IR events and press conferences for our customers to directly access their targets on customization basis.

In 2008, we develop and provide “Investor Station”, digital daily newspaper service. With our commitment to respond to investors’ demand, we offer this channel for all investors to access to fast, fresh, and free information and news. Investors can subscribe and get what must be known earlier than other sources. With deep, strong, and selective contents, Investor Station will be the best friend of investors in every morning.

Additionally, Online Asset have more services related to stock market and information technology, including efin Smart Data, SMS news, investment seminar, technical analysis training course, securities firms website development, and computer equipment and network system distribution.